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CBTIJ – The Brazilian Center of Theatre for Children and Young People was established, in December 1995, by theatre for children professionals. It is a non-profit organization aiming to unite professionals and expand a quality theatre that would enhance the education of Brazilian children and young people. Its purpose is to promote actions designed to diffuse and develop the theatre while defending the professional training of all those involved. In addition to proposing policies that ensure access to theatre, CBTIJ has two other major goals: to expand the cultural rights of children and young people; and to ensure that institutions and the government give those artists who dedicate their work to this audience the same treatment given to other performing arts professionals.

In order to achieve these goals, CBTIJ holds regular meetings at its offices with members and representatives of other organizations and the government to discuss matters concerning the theatre for children and young people. Currently, our members are directors, actors and producers of theatre for children and young people from all over Brazil. This assures a broad network of contacts.

Promoting international exchange, CBTIJ represents ASSITEJ – International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People in Brazil. Active in 77 countries, ASSITEJ has been contributing with governments and institutions in establishing policies designed to promote the professional dignity of practitioners and to develop children through the Theatre.

In 2001, ASSITEJ established March 20 as the World Day of Theater for Children and Young People. Today, this date is celebrated in every country where the organization is present worldwide.

Because CBTIJ has struggled for it, March 20 oficially became the National Day of Theater for Children and Young Audiences, since 2008, under the federal law number 11.722.

Rio de Janeiro was the first state to recognize and place  the date in its official calendar as the State Day for Children and Young People’s Theatre, under law number 191/2003. Also, the city of Rio de Janeiro has turned it into an official date, under law number 4736/2008, which created the City Day of Theater for Children and Young People.

Our site is in Portuguese, divided into three sections: Institutional, comprising information on CBTIJ, its projects and accomplishments; Open Archives holding available photos, posters and programs, articles, reviews and a history of the theater for children in Brazil; and Data Center listing children’s theater groups and companies, national festivals and professional drama classes and workshops, in addition to links to other pertinent sites.




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